The Westchester Project


This project will give Public School children in Upper Westchester County an opportunity to attend private dance classes. All classes will be offered after-school free of charge. Dance classes have physical and mental benefits, they improve your heart and lungs, provides increased muscular strength as well as motor fitness and endurance. Dance classes also improve socialization, concentration, collaboration and emotional well being. The benefits are also underscored by giving children confidence, self-esteem and an appreciation for dance that may not be realized without this project. Classes are taught by master teachers Mamie Duncan Gibbs.and Michelle M Robinson. Both teachers are Broadway veterans. The project is funded by the Thompson Family Foundation.

The New York City Project


New Professional Theatre Education Program operated out of two New York City Public School's in Hell's Kitchen. Funded by The Ford Foundation, New Professional Theatre teachers taught playwriting and poetry to New York City teens. Life skills were incorporated in each class, including organization, time management, study skills, and etiquette. The year ended with an outing to dinner and a Broadway show.